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To maximize use of your time, 1:1 tailored exercise sessions based on your individual needs are the best option option.

Sessions can be held at suitable locations of your choice (e.g. home, workplace, park) to enable you to exercise at lunch-break, after work, whilst your baby is asleep or simply at a time that fits with your busy schedule.

After our first contact, your journey starts with initial consultation, where we meet, see if we are right for each other and discuss relevant points regarding your lifestyle, exercise and medical history to determine your goals and starting point. The initial consultation is currently free if charge.

First session is then dedicated to static and dynamic posture assessment, where I look at how your muscles respond to movement.

Based on the outcomes of these assessments I then design a balanced exercise programme specifically for your needs, supporting you to achieve your goals gradually, safely and effectively.

All sessions are based on your individual needs, using a variety of functional moves and small pilates props such as bands, small pilates balls, hand weights, swiss balls, foam rollers, pilates rings, massage balls etc.

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