What aspects of Lenka’s pilates class have you been enjoying the most?

I always recommend Lenka’s class. I enjoy the variety of moves which cover all areas of the body.  I like the way Lenka explains why we are doing something.  Lenka has a very calm demeanor which helps to the relaxed feeling of the class.

I enjoy the way Lenka introduces progressions, always catering for different levels within the group, is considerate of injuries, beginners and gives options for most exercises.

I enjoy the great variety of strengthening, balance and posture exercises and the way Lenka caters for all levels.

I would certainly recommend Lenka’s class as I enjoy it very much. I find Lenka very friendly, helpful and considerate to an individual’s needs. She is always smiling.

Lovely class, great teacher!

As a result of attending Lenka’s pilates classes, I have noticed:

It has helped me a lot with my knee injury and weak hip. I certainly have benefited from Lenka’s pilates classes and will continue to do them in future. / I always feel energized after Lenka’s class and I have noticed that my body is becoming more flexible the more classes I do.  / It has made me more flexible and improved my overall fitness. / Improved core strength and flexibility – I can now touch my toes! It is a calm and relaxing way to strengthen your core muscles, I find it relieves stress after a hard days work. / My core is stronger and my balance is better but also it is a great stretching opportunity. / Postural improvements.Improved co-ordination and balance.





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