Pregnancy & Post Natal

Stay healthy, fit & eliminate pain during pregnancy and labour
Get your muscle tone and body shape back quicker post-pregnancy
Stay fit & healthy whilst breastfeeding your baby

… and feel GREAT!

Expecting a baby and motherhood are precious, exciting and life-changing experiences. It can be the most wonderful time of your life and never is there a more important time for you to look after yourself. But it’s not always easy!

Suddenly, on top of your work and other normal obligations, you start feeling signs of pregnancy, gathering information about labour and first days with your new little one, getting everything ready for your new arrival. When it comes he/she naturally is the top priority. No wonder you might feel overwhelmed and quite often exhausted, making yourself the last priority.

Most mums, including myself, have struggled with giving up precious minutes for themselves and spend that short “me-time” breaks effectively. Efficiency, planning and motivation are key to stay fit, healthy and energized. There is plenty of books, internet articles and videos out there to give you and advice on exercising throughout pregnancy and after giving birth. Some are very good, but some might be more than a little controversial. It’s easy for us to get lost, resulting in loss of motivation.

Being a mum of a lively toddler and pregnant with my second one, I have got first hand experience with keeping fit during pregnancy and after giving birth. I am more than aware, that no two mums are the same and have the same pregnancy / birth / after birth experience.

To maximize use of your time I offer 1:1, 2:1 to small groups tailored exercise programmes based on your individual needs. The sessions can be held at suitable locations of your choice (e.g. home, workplace), so you can exercise in the comfort of your home whilst your baby is asleep or whilst bonding with your baby, at your lunch-break or after work or outdoors with your baby in the buggy. Including in the programme come short training plans for you to do at home in your short and often unpredictable “me-time” breaks.

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